Artistes en résidence 2024 – 2025

Appel à candidature
Artiste en résidence

Résidence le vélodrome
du 1 septembre 2024 – 30 juin 2025

Date de réception des dossiers
au plus tard le 27 juin 2024

L’association le Vélodrome lance une mise à concours pour sa résidence d’artiste. Cette résidence s’adresse à une personne établie à Genève ou dans la région frontalière, ayant une activité artistique tous domaines d’expressions confondus et n’étant plus inscrit·x·e dans une formation au moment de la résidence. Aucune condition de nationalité ou d’âge. L’atelier ne peut être attribué deux fois à la même personne.

Local de 15 m2, avec lumière naturelle indirecte, accès internet et électricité. Il n’y a pas d’eau courante dans le local mais à proximité. Accès de plain-pied. Mise à disposition de l’atelier à titre gracieux et prise en charge des frais de chauffage, électricité et internet pour la durée de la résidence (10 mois).

Conditions Une personne ayant terminé des études supérieures d’art ou de design dans les six mois qui précèdent le début de la résidence, ayant réussi ou non son diplôme de Bachelor ou de Master, établie à Genève ou dans sa région (frontalière) et dont la vie, le travail ou les activités la lient à cette ville. Il lui est demandé de monter une exposition de résidence en fin de période.

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Mercredi 29.05.2024 à 20.30 au Pneu Le Vélodrome ->
ANALOG <-> DIGITAL par K&A Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon, session d’écoute puis live-set 21.30!!!!
18, rue du Vélodrome, 1205 Genève
Quartier Jonction. Entrée libre.
ANALOG DIGITAL is dedicated to a disequilibrating contemporary world. Analogue sounds compete with digital ones, books burn and e-readers rise, vinyls are the new dancefloor and polaroids our only archive.
In a tiny scenography between pixels and objects arises a temporal space where micromovements appear: fingers precisely initiating the ongoing dance of a spinning top or the blink of an eye caught in an extravagant selfie.
Inspired by ancient and contemporary games, sweetly accompanied by a tendency to escapism, the sounds question/teases/underlines our relation with digital and analogue objects. ANALOG DIGITAL invites you to oscillate in between contradictory cravings: waitting for a handwritten letter, detesting technology, falling in love with a screen (maybe even a robot?), breaking your phone, crying for a book, stealing a spinning top, scratching a vinyl, getting addicted to chatGPT .
Teasing our obedience to a digital environment and the glorification of the screen,K&A invite you to delirious trip, ta performative listening session that ends with a blink.
This live set & performance is a spin off of the theatre performance ANALOG DIGITAL by K&A
By K&A
Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon
Concept, performance: K&A
Live set & music: Alexandra Bellon
Mask Gamble: Karla Isidorou
Text: K&A with quotes of Marguerite Duras, James Baldwin, Kae Tempest, Orhan Pamuk, Sarah Cane, Chat GPT, Terence Winter, June Jordan, Edward Albee, Elizabeth Taylor, Cory Doctorow, Cookie Monster, Eminem, Coi Leray, Hildegard of Bingen
Set Design: K&A
Technical support: Andries van Duijvenbode (Theater Ins Blau) Harwin Wegner (Theater Ins Blau)
Composition & realization of music: Alexandra Bellon
Voice: Anne-Kathryn Olsen
Voice recording: Alessandro Mazzieri
Mix of composition: Alessandro Mazzieri

Cringecore – Sans plomb #4

́ 95, ́ ́ , -̀ . ℎ ́ ̀ ́ ̀ ́ ́, ́ ́́.


ℎ ℎ 95 , ℎ ℎ ́ ℎ ℎ . ℎ ℎ , ℎℎℎ ℎ ℎ .

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︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ – ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵

✦ (Magdalena’s Apathy / GR)
✦ (Bunkerbauer, Megatech Industries / DK)
✦ (CH)
✦ (CH)
✦ (Stranacorpus / CH)
✦ (CRTTR / CH)

‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵

➛Le Pneu (Le Vélodrome): Rue du Vélodrome 18, 1205 Genève, TPG Jonction
➛8 CHF (recommended price) / !! remember to bring cash !!
➛Small capacity: come early
➛Yes to fun and respect / No to any kind of discrimination

We are still looking for volunteers to help us. If you’re interested, please enrol here:

<3 THANKS <3

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✦ (Magdalena’s Apathy / GR)

DJ LOSER is a Thessaloniki-based music producer and DJ expertly exploring the sound of ‘meta-rave’, focusing on the evolutionary layers of contemporary club music, with a nostalgic touch. With an array of collaborations and releases over the past decade, he has established the label “Magdalena’s Apathy” – providing space for younger, up-and-coming talents (xato, DJ Saliva, etc…) alongside figureheads such as Brodinski and Julien Andreas. For the past two years, he has been a resident at Stegi.Radio (The Onassis Cultural Foundation’s internet radio station), presenting an array of contemporary monthly mixes. As a multi-level sound explorer under the moniker “Angel’s Corpse”, he embraces pseudo-spiritual aspects of the virtual and the less club-driven side of musical experimentation. His output has been featured on labels She Lost Kontrol, Puppy Tapes and VEYL to name a few, while a much-anticipated live performance will be released on his own imprint later this year. In recent months, he has released a collaborative EP with Safety Trance (Cardopusher). He has performed at both Ved Siden Af + Den Anden Side (Copenhagen), OHM (Berlin), La Station – Gare Des Mines (Paris), Rote Sone (Munich), Buda (Brussels), and was a resident at PTX (Athens), where he was hosting his label nights.

✦ (Bunkerbauer, Megatech Industries / DK)

Copenhagen-based producer & DJ, Matriark has justifiably earned her spot in the worldwide clubbing scene. Her music productions and DJing energy reflect the 90s and 00s trance era but also expand the genre itself with sentimental valued additions of the current era.
Being a part of the infamous Bunkerbauer collective, and co-founder of Megatech Industries, the Norwegian artist is currently one of the most reliable trance artists around.

✦ (CH)

Elie, p0st-knob_er and alarm launcher comes to present a performance close to harsh noise and far from any know-how. It’s the sound of syringe garbage cans and a misgendered trans. An angry, hormonal, maxicringe live show from Neuchâtel.

✦ (CH)

‘In the live set of Basel-based producer and DJ Endobliss, elements of breakcore, trip-hop and club music collage intertwine to form an opaque pop dramaturgy. The name « Endobliss » describes the isolation that can accompany euphoria. By means of intuitive sample archiving, references to formulaic pop and the vulnerability of live performance, Endobliss apporaches questions of musical translation and polyvocal storytelling.’

✦ (Stranacorpus / CH)

RougeHotel is a Swiss producer, sounddesigner and DJ with a particular interest in music made through computer technologies. He loves to break the contemporary rules of music production and his vision is a blend of emotional melodies, deep pads & experimental drums.

✦ (CRTTR / CH)

RTK is a composer, DJ, and live act based in Bern. In addition to his solo projects, he is also a member of the band Lido and the core collective of TRNSTN RADIO. As a member and co-founder of the CRTTR collective, he organizes events, releases cassettes, and hosts radio shows on Radio Bollwerk and TRNSTN RADIO.

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Scenography: Elise LaChapelle
Lights: Antoine Frammery
Visuel: Tristan Bartolini

ℎ ℎ , & ̈ℎ